021 – Joy in spite of suffering

Isaiah reminds us that God is going to set all wrongs right when he returns. Paul encourages us to keep our joy in spite of suffering – it’s a powerful testimony. Let’s not let our hearts get hard, but instead stay tender and loving to God and our neighbor.

017 – Paul reveals “The Secret”

Today the apostle Paul reveals “The Secret” that had been hidden for centuries and generations past, but now has been revealed to us, the church. Also, God tells Gideon to, “Go in the strength he has.” May we as well!

005 – Only the Mature can Love

America today is being torn apart by anger, hatred and division. the Bible says that this is the result of immature leaders, and that only mature leaders can lead in love. But there’s a price to be paid for love, or rather, true love, and the apostle Paul bore its marks.